The perfect way to inspire your child's entrepreneurial spirit! On our site, you will find everything you need to set up a fun business.

The lemonade stand business is an excellent option for children who are interested in entrepreneurship, creativity, and social interaction, while also promoting important values such as sustainability and financial management.

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  • Teaches kids about entrepreneurship and money management
  • Encourages creativity and problem solving skills
  • Provides and opportunity to interact with customers and practice social skills
  • Can be used for fundraising or special events
  • Provides a fun and engaging activity for kids and adult to enjoy

Many Uses and More

Our Lemonade Stand Kit is designed to be both functional and fun. Take a look at some of the features that make it a great choice for kids and adults.

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  • Thrilled with this top-notch lemonade stand for my 10-year-olds. Kid-friendly, leak-proof dispenser and non-slip base. It's a blast! Perfect for lemonade-themed parties. Safe food-grade plastic, combines fun and learning. Hours of fun and valuable learning. Highly recommend for fun, educational summertime activity.

  • The set is fantastic and has everything they need to set up a lemonade stand in one box. I absolutely loved the downloadable resources that helped my kids plan a small lemonade business. All the products were of great quality and my kids were thrilled!

  • I recently purchased the Lemonade Stand Supplies for my children's summer business and I couldn't be happier with my purchase! The supplies are high-quality, durable, and arrived in a timely manner. My kids were able to set up their stand with ease and the colorful signs and decorations helped attract customers.